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Sarah Jessica Parker Was “Heartbroken” Over The Mean Things Kim Cattrall Said About HerAllison / dlisted - 3 months ago
  • The drama over a Sex and the City 3 film, something some people (like Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis) are very into, started when Kim Cattrall let it be known in no uncertain terms that she would rather yama-kippa-yay-blow her brains out than purr like Samantha again.
  • Andy Cohen threw another fat log on this never-ending drama fire while on Watch What Happens Live on last night by asking SJP how she felt about what Kim said.
  • I’m sure it’s also heartbreaking for her bank account to know there’s a chance 1/4th of their fan base isn’t going to buy a ticket to see a Samantha-less SATC3.