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Rain Pryor Is Pissed At Quincy Jones And Richard Pryor’s Widow For Telling “Lies” About Her DaddyMieka / dlisted - 2 months ago
  • When tea spilling pepaw Quincy Jones let it slip that Marlon Brando used to get his swerve on with Richard Pryor, everybody in my circles gave Richard a posthumous tip of the hat for pulling that hot piece (of course, we were all picturing Streetcar Marlon when it really would have been more like Last Tango Marlon but please just let us have this).
  • In case you missed it, Jennifer told TMZ that not only was Quincey’s tea hot and juicy, it was also accurate:
  • Rain Pryor is fed up with Quincy Jones and these allegations about her father having Marlon Brando in missionary position!