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OJ Simpson lands $20k for Sacha Baron Cohen flickDavid K. Li / Page Six - 2 months ago
  • British funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen paid disgraced grid great OJ Simpson more than $20,000 to play a role in his next movie, according to a report Sunday.
  • Cohen, best known for fooling unsuspecting dupes with characters such as “Ali G” and “Borat,” donned a wig and black thick-rimmed glasses to meet up with Simpson inside a Las Vegas hotel room, a production source told Britain’s The Mail.
  • “OJ would not even get in the hotel room until he was paid a sackload of cash,” the source said.
  • The former Heisman Trophy winner from USC and Hall of Fame running back for the Buffalo Bills, Simpson was acquitted of charges that he murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her pal Ron Goldman in 1994.