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Dennis Rodman Has Checked Into RehabAllison / dlisted - 1 month ago
  • On Saturday night, Dennis the Vehicular Menace Rodman was arrested for DUI in Newport Beach, CA after blowing over the 0.08 legal limit on a breathalyzer. He was also still on a 3-year probation stemming from a hit and run he committed back in 2016. About the time of his arrest, Dennis’ agent Darren Prince said that he was trying to get Dennis into rehab, and it looks like he made that happen.
  • Darren told the Associated Press that 56-year-old Dennis checked into the Turning Point Rehabilitation Center in Paterson, New Jersey on Wednesday.
  • “Dennis decided it was time to get help for his issue with alcohol and finally get to the underlying root before it’s too late.” Prince added he was “very proud and supportive” of Rodman and asked for “prayers and support at this time.”