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Do Blue Light Screen Glasses Work?Alessia Santoro / PopSugar - 2 months ago
  • Some of us have been blessed with an ample bosom, and then some of us have not (for which I am in the latter group).
  • In lieu of spending an exorbitant amount on a fancy padded bra or wearing an uncomfortable bustier that’s just not you, here’s an affordable way to put a smile on your significant other’s face without having to suffer financial or physical pain.
  • Add those hours to the time spent scrolling through my phone during my commute to and from work, long nights of catching up with my favorite TV shows, and cuddling up with my phone again once I got into bed — and, let’s be honest, you have yourself a pretty likely headache cause.
  • After suffering for over a month, I decided to try to figure out if too much screen time was, in fact, the cause of these headaches.