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Awwww, What A Sweet Picture Of A Cool Dad Bonding With His Teenage Daughter. Oh, Wait….Michael K / dlisted - 3 weeks ago
  • You may be thinking that Dane Cook knocked up a chick 26 years ago without knowing it, and he was recently reunited with his secret 19-year-old daughter and here they are bonding over shakes.
  • Dane and Kelsi, who has sang background for Demi Lovato, having been sharing their genuine, everlasting love on Instagram since at least April 2017.
  • I’m sure Dane Cook will tell anyone that yes, he’s got skid mark stains in worn-out tighty whiteys that are older than Kelsi, but she’s wise beyond her years (read: she hot) and the most mature woman he’s ever met (read: she hot, young and does a good job at pretending to laugh when he tells her a joke).
  • Anytime I’m forced to talk to a teenager, we usually just grunt a “hi” at each other before going back to looking at our phones.