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Arrested Parents Torture Kids Elvis Wedding VideosAlexis Tereszcuk - Entertainment Editor / Radar Online - 3 months ago
  • David Allen and Louise Anna Turpin renewed their vows with an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas for three years with their 13 children before they were arrested for “torture” and “child endangerment,” and has video from their creepy marital ritual.
  • In the home videos from 2011, 2013 and 2015, the now-incarcerated parents celebrated their wedding anniversary with mom wearing the same white strapless dress and dad in a tuxedo, surrounded by the children dressed in matching outfits, the same each year.
  • Elvis impersonator Kent Ripley was the officiant for the ceremony, walking Mrs.
  • The footage shows the children through the years, with the girls dressed in matching pink dresses and the boys in tuxedos with bowl haircuts that match their father’s grey hairstyle.